At B&B Roadway, we take pride in producing the best equipment in the industry. At every step we search for improvements that make a real difference in the field. B&B Roadway builds equipment to last a generation. A well-laid-out facility and the right equipment contribute to efficiency, productivity and error-free manufacturing. Quality workmanship is part of the routine.

With more design experience than anyone else in the industry, we truly understand your needs. Several unique innovations are engineered into our products. Our equipment meets more demanding specifications, adapts more flexibly, installs more simply, and services more easily.

Registered engineers and skilled draftsman review each job in detail and tailor the equipment to fit your project. That can be as simple as ensuring that the correct standard navigation light is submitted or as complex as designing a completely custom barrier from the ground up.

Our staff is also available to assist you in the planning stages of any project. We will gladly review specifications or explore with you the gates or barriers that would best suit your installation. There is no fee for this service and no single-sourcing requirement. It simply helps avoid glitches down the road, resulting in a better project for everyone concerned.