Product Features

HR Series Resistance Barriers Features

Basic Features:

  • Horizontal operation for lower profile installation
  • Arm lengths up to 60' (from center of pivot to tip of barrier beam)
  • Rugged design specifically for movable bridges, reversible lanes and similar access control installations

Features that set B&B Roadway's HR Series Barriers apart from the competition:

  • Unique limit switch design
    • allows unequaled ease of adjustment (with arm in any position, just loosen 1 nut and adjust any cam desired)
  • Limit switch cover
    • to prevent accidental contact with electrical contacts
  • Pull-to-override, automatic-reset door safety switches
    • make testing during setup or service safer and more convenient
    • prevent accidentally leaving the safety switches overridden
  • Electrical cubicle included as standard
    • encloses all standard control components for greater protection and neat appearance
  • Larger diameter drive wheels
    • increases surface area in contact with road surface for improved traction
    • provides better wear
  • Modular, easy access drive wheel assembly
    • simplifies wheel and bearing maintenance
  • Improved limit switch drive design
    • uses 2:1 sprocket ratio and larger cams for greater control accuracy
    • mounts limit switch on non-pivoting surface to prevent chain from loosening (and skipping teeth, causing mis-syncronization) as barrier rises over road crests)

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