Product Features

Navigation Light Features

Basic Features:

  • Complete line of lights and accessories available for marking of bridges and piers, manufactured to meet or exceed Coast Guard recommendations
  • Rugged cast marine-alloy aluminum (or optional marine-alloy bronze) for decades of durability and consistent service in demanding maritime environments
  • Tempered marine fresnel glass
  • Porcelain lamp bases with nickel-plated brass shell, mounted with shock-absorbing grommets
  • Standard lamps provide light output several times greater than Coast Guard minimums for dramatically improved visibility
  • Standard lamps rated for 20,000 hours each (compared to typical 500 to 1000 hours for most other lamps) – DRAMATICALLY reduces labor for servicing lights – and lamps are economically priced, too
  • Dual-lamp arrangement automatically switches to second light when first burns out – includes lamp out indication circuit to take the guess work out of light service

Features that set B&B Roadway Navigational Lights apart:

  • Enclosed wire path on ALL swivels
    • means no exposed cable to fray or wear and create a safety issue
  • Heavy duty design swivels
    • provided on ALL hanging lights, not just as an “option”
    • use cast components with heavy, machined, stainless steel pivot shafts
    • equipped with permanently lubricated bronze bearing with O-ring seal for smooth operation and essentially zero maintenance
  • Non-handed hanging light design
    • eliminates need to figure out “hand” of each light
    • lights can be pulled up from either side
  • Symmetrical, square mounting pattern
    • for mistake-free mounting preparation
    • provides larger footprint for greater strength and stability
  • Heavier bosses cast-in
    • for extra strength at stem attachments
  • Extra weather protection
    • provided by inner raised cast rim inside lenses to guard against seepage
    • using thick, compressible neoprene gaskets to seal uneven surfaces
  • Cast-in-place latch stops
    • for consistent latch and pull-up operation
    • prevents accidental over-extension of latching spring
    • eliminates use of sleeve clamped to chain as a stop (which could slip or work loose)

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