Product Features

VW Series Warning Gates Features

Basic Features

  • Vertical operation for minimum installation footprint
  • Arm lengths up to 50’ (from center of housing to tip of arm)
  • Rugged design specifically for movable bridges, reversible lanes and similar access control installations (not a “parking lot” or “railroad” gate)

Features that set B&B Roadway's VW Series apart:

  • Unique limit switch design
    • Allows unequaled ease of adjustment (with arm in any position, just loosen 1 nut and adjust any cam desired)
  • Innovative arm base design
    • Automatically latches arm in the out-of-traffic position after an impact shears the safety pin and allows arm to swing out of the way - simply pull latch, swing arm back into position and replace pin to reset (arm does not fall off onto the roadway, pulling light wiring, etc.)
  • Square arm tube
    • Gives better strength under wind load
  • High intensity reflective sheeting
    • Up to 5 times as reflective as engineering grade
  • Auxiliary transmission crank
    • Adds strength, rigidity and stability (standard for longer arms, optional for any length arm)
  • Damping type bumper rod
    • Doesn’t “bounce” the arm like spring-loaded bumper rods (provided on longer arms)
  • Arm shaft assembly
    • Removable as a unit for easier maintenance
  • Vise-action door handles
    • Consistently pull up doors to seal openings
    • Available in choice of 4 styles
  • Compressed bulb door gaskets
  • Square mounting pattern
    • For mistake-free pad preparation (slotted mounting holes accommodate existing patterns for rehabs)
  • Limit switch cover
    • To prevent accidental contact with electrical contacts
  • Pull-to-override, automatic-reset door safety switches
    • Make testing during setup or service safer and more convenient
    • Prevent accidentally leaving the safety switches overridden
  • Electrical cubicle included as standard
    • Encloses all standard control components for greater protection and neat appearance