Miscellaneous Products

Air Horns, LSB Rotary Limit Switch, Standard Lamps for Navigation and Warning Lights.

Air Horns

Air horns play a big part in bridge safety, B&B Roadway Air Horns are designed for reliability and durability to give long service in harsh marine environments. Complete packages include all controls and compressors.


LSB Rotary Limit Switch

The Model LSB Rotary Limit Switch features a unique proprietary cam locking and adjustment mechanism (patent pending). Adjustment of the cams is unequaled in simplicity and accuracy. The LSB Rotary Limit Switch is designed for rugged durability and dependability under harsh conditions. Materials and manufacture are of the highest quality. Models are available with up to 24 or more individual circuits (6-circuit model is shown).


LSP Plunger Limit Switch

The Model LSP Plunger Limit Switch offers superior plunger switch performance for heavy industrial applications. The design can provide up to 6 individual circuits, more than any similar plunger type switch available, with accurate, repeatable snap-action activation and a substantial over travel. Materials and manufacture are of the highest quality for many years of dependable service.


Standard Lamps for Navigation and Warning Lights

Lamps provided by B&B Roadway, are carefully selected to provide the best quality available. Many of our long-life lamps are custom-manufactured especially for B&B Roadway to meet the unique demands of our industry.


120V Medium Base LED Lamp

This lamp features state-of-the-art high-intensity individual LEDs for maximum light output and a standard medium base, making it suitable for direct replacement and upgrade of standard incandescent 120V lamps.


4-Tier LED Lamp

The 120V and 12V 4-Tier LED Lamp consist of a 4-tiered array of 48 individual LEDs in an optically clear elastomer medium. In the event of failure of one or more individual LEDs, the remaining LEDs continue to operate.