120V Medium Base LED Lamp

This lamp features an array of LEDs with a rated MTBF of 100,000 hours (over 11 years when burned 24 hours per day). Brightness is similar to a 75W incandescent lamp while power consumption is extremely low at only 8 watts. Savings on maintenance and power are the most common reasons for choosing an LED lamp. This lamp features state-of-the-art high-intensity individual LEDs for maximum light output and a standard medium base, making it suitable for direct replacement and upgrade of standard incandescent 120V lamps. LED technology is inherently shock and vibration resistant, making LED lamps an excellent choice for navigational lighting fixtures.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: Lamp shall consist of a dense array of individual LEDs, each encased in a solid clear epoxy lens per industry standards. In the event of failure of one or more individual LEDs, remaining LEDs shall continue to operate. Entire assembly shall be neatly potted into a molded non-metallic stem fitted to a standard medium base.

POWER REQUIREMENT: Lamp shall designed for 120V operation and shall consume approximately 8W.

LIGHT OUTPUT: Overall luminosity of the LED array shall be approximately 840 candelas for both red and green arrays (similar visibility to a 75W incandescent lamp). Beam viewing angle shall be approximately 22 degrees for red and 20 degrees for green.

COLOR: Lamp color shall match the color of the fixture lens for maximum light output. Red LEDs shall have a wavelength of approximately 630nm. Green (“marine” green or blue-green) LEDs shall have a wavelength of approximately 510-515nm.

LAMP LIFE AND MAINTENANCE: Individual LEDs shall have a MTBF rating of 100,000 hours. Scheduled lamp replacement is suggested at 10-12 year intervals if operated using a photocell or 5-6 year intervals if operated 24 hours per day.

RECEPTACLE and MOUNTING (Navigational Light Mounting): Medium base receptacles shall be rated for 250V, 660W and shall be porcelain with a nickel-plated brass shell to resist lamp freezing. Lamp mounting shall center the array on the focal plane of the lens. Receptacles shall be mounted on a bracket, which shall be isolated from the navigation light fixture with rubber grommets to minimize shock and vibration. Mounting bracket shall position the center of the lamp at the focal plane of the fixture lens for optimal light transmission.

OPTION: SILICON SEALED: When specified, each completely assembled lamp shall be dipped in clear silicon to provide a moisture barrier.

PART NUMBERS: Part numbers shall be PLP-LED120R for red and PLP-LED120BG for green. For silicon-dipped lamps, part numbers shall be PLP-LED120R/S and PLP-LED120BG/S.