Air Horns

GENERAL: The air horn shall be B&B Roadway, Model AHR-2 (dual projectors) [AHR-1 (single projector)] (888) 560-2060, or an approved equal meeting all specifications defined herein.

APPLICATIONS: The air horn shall be used as an aural signal to draw attention to operation of the bridge.

PROJECTOR(S): The projectors shall be of spun brass, approximately 18” (457mm) in overall length each, and shall feature a diaphragm designed for high pressure operation and low air consumption. The projectors [projector] shall be capable of producing a tone between 250 and 320 Hz with a decibel rating of 120db at 10 feet.

COMPRESSOR UNIT: Compressor motor shall be 1 HP, 120V, 60 Hz, 10.4 FLA. Compressor shall be a weatherproof, rapid response, direct drive piston type compressor. Piston and cylinder shall be an oil-less, non-lubricated type, with a Teflon compound piston ring. Compressor valves shall be stainless steel. Bearings shall be permanently sealed, pre-lubricated ball type, requiring no maintenance. All components and fasteners shall be corrosion resistant.

MOUNTING: The standard air horn assembly shall be a single unit comprised of compressor and horns and shall be suitable for outdoor mounting.

FIELD CONNECTIONS: The electrical contractor shall also provide a pushbutton or similar control device at the control station for operation of the air horn.