HW-4 Horizontal Warning Gate

GENERAL: The warning gate shall be Model HW-4, as manufactured by B&B Roadway, (888) 560-2060.

APPLICATIONS: The gate shall be designed for use as a warning, traffic control and access control gate. The gate shall be explicitly designed for traffic control on HOV and reversible lanes and similar applications.

HOUSING: The operating mechanism and main control components shall be contained in a heavy duty weatherproof housing. The housing shall be constructed of 0.250 “(6.4mm) carbon steel hot dip galvanized after fabrication [option: 5052 and 6061 or 6063 aluminum with natural or anodized finish, as specified]. Galvanized exterior surfaces shall be painted aluminum. All fasteners shall be corrosion resistant.

Large access doors shall provide access on both sides of the operator [OPTION: An additional access door shall be provided on the end of the housing opposite the capstan, when specified.] Doors shall be made of same type material as housing (i.e. galvanized steel or aluminum) and finished to match housing. Doors shall be mounted on brass alloy strap hinges. Hinges shall be of the slip-off type and shall have stainless steel pins. Door handles shall use a vise action to compress a neoprene bulb-type gasket to seal the door openings [OPTIONS: Door handles shall be available in the following styles: T-handle, T-handle with key lock, hex key operated, round key operated, T-handle 3-point latch with padlock provision. Additional styles may be available upon request.]

MOUNTING: The gate shall be fixed to a suitable foundation, as specified by the project engineer, using four 3/4” (20mm) diameter minimum anchor bolts. The gate housing base shall provide four 1.00” (25mm) holes on a 14” (356mm) x 52.5” (1333mm) pattern.

ARM: The gate arm shall be 4” (102mm) square, 6005-T5 aluminum extruded tubing. [option: with 3” square end section of high-strength UV-resistant fiberglass or 3” square extruded aluminum.] Maximum arm length shall be 40’ (12m) from the centerline of the pivot. Stainless steel truss cables shall be furnished with longer arms at the discretion of the manufacturer. Front and rear arm surfaces shall be covered with red and white high intensity reflective sheeting. Stripes shall be 16” (406mm) wide, and vertical according to MUTCD. [OPTION: alternative arm designs shall be provided to customer’s specifications, when required.]

ARM BASE: The arm base shall be designed with a shear pin mechanism to minimize damage to the gate and vehicle in the event of a collision. In the event of an impact against the arm, the shear pin shall break, allowing the arm to swing out of traffic under minimal pressure. At approximately 75 to 80 degrees, a spring-loaded latch shall engage, preventing the arm from swinging back into traffic. Arm shall be easily reset by manually releasing the latch, rotating the arm back into position and replacing the shear pin.

ARM MOUNTING BRACKET: Arm shall be mounted to the capstan using a hot dip galvanized steel mounting bracket. Bracket shall be designed to enable the arm height to be adjusted. Finish shall be painted aluminum.

CAPSTAN: The capstan sleeve shall be 6” (152mm) outside diameter. Capstan shaft shall turn in relubricable ball and tapered roller bearings.

OPERATING MECHANISM: The warning arm shall pivot in the horizontal plane via a mechanical 4-bar linkage. The linkage shall utilize cranks keyed to the capstan and transmission shaft and an adjustable connecting rod between a pair of self-aligning spherical rod ends. The connecting rod shall be of 1” (25mm) diameter AISI 4150. The linkage shall be driven by a fully enclosed, double reduction, all gear speed reducer. Gear ratio used shall produce an operation time of approximately 11 seconds.

The velocity of the arm shall follow a sinusoidal pattern to provide smooth operation. The arm shall begin and end its full motion path with zero velocity and accelerate smoothly to maximum velocity at mid-travel.

Standard swing shall be 90 degrees. [OPTION: An adjustable crank shall be provided to permit swing angles other than 90 degrees. Please consult manufacturer.]

MOTOR: The motor voltage and phase shall be as specified by the customer. The motor horsepower shall be as recommended by the gate manufacturer to suit arm type and configuration specified by the customer. The motor shall be a C-face design and shall be mounted directly to the transmission. The motor shall be instantly reversing and overload protected.

BRAKING MECHANISM: The motor shall be equipped with a solenoid-release, automatic brake. The brake shall have a manual release to permit manual operation of the gate during emergencies or setup.

HANDCRANK: A handcrank shall be provided with each gate to facilitate manual operation of the gate.

LIMIT SWITCH: The gate limit switch assembly shall be a self-contained unit. The assembly shall provide 8 independent SPDT control switches. Switches shall be rated for 15 amps, 480 VAC. Switches shall be controlled by individually adjustable cams. The limit switch assembly design shall permit adjustment of all cams with the gate in any position. The limit switch assembly shall have a removable cover to help prevent accidental contact with switch terminals. Shaft, cams, bushings and housing pieces shall be of non-ferrous corrosion resistant materials.

SAFETY SWITCHES, TERMINAL BLOCKS AND WIRING: A manual disconnect switch shall be provided, pre-wired at the factory to break the main motor leads, to protect personnel during service. A handcrank safety switch shall be provided to prevent powered actuation of the gate during manual operation. [OPTION: Safety switches shall be installed and set at the factory to break the control circuit when either access door is opened. Door safety switches shall have a pull-to-override feature for test operation and shall automatically reset when doors are closed.] Control components and terminal blocks shall be mounted inside an electrical enclosure mounted facing the roadway side access opening, except where custom components required by the customer prevent this arrangement. Pressure-type, modular terminal blocks shall be fully labeled and clearly coded to wiring diagrams. All control wiring shall be cleared coded to wiring diagrams and shall terminate at the terminal block. Connections to screw-type terminals shall have lugs. Conductors shall be type XHHW #14 AWG stranded, minimum.

ACCESSORIES AND MODIFICATIONS: All common accessories and modifications shall be available. Custom modifications and accessories shall be available through coordination with manufacturer.

WARRANTY: A 1 year warranty shall cover the gate and related equipment against defective material and components. Manufacturer shall furnish replacement parts for a minimum of 10 years. Replacement parts for standard components shall normally be available within 1 working day. Lamps, fuses and other components designed for a life less than 1 year shall be covered for the rated life of the component or the warranty period of the component manufacturer.

Aluminum or Stainless Housing
Anchor Bolts (provided by manufacturer)
Mounting Template
Alternate Door Handle Styles
Rigid Arm Base
Arm Finishes, Striping Materials and Colors
Fiberglass Arm Section (at end of arm)
Arm Lights
Special Swing Angles