MU-605 Vertical Warning Gate

GENERAL: The manually operated safety gate shall be type MU-605, as manufactured by B&B Roadway, (888) 560-2060. These specifications are the minimum that shall be acceptable. The gate shall be of the standard vertical to horizontal arm type.

APPLICATIONS: The model MU-605 shall typically be used as a manually operated road closure gate. Typical applications of this gate include emergency road closure during “white-out” conditions or similar situations where hazardous driving conditions exist. When an automatic safety gate is required, refer to the VW-2 or the VW-4 warning gate.

GATE PIVOT STAND ASSEMBLY: The gate pivot stand assembly shall consist of the gate pivot, the pivot sleeve, and arm guides. It shall be fabricated from ASTM-A36 steel channel, angle, and flat bar and hot dipped galvanized after fabrication per ASTM-A123. The entire assembly shall be corrosion resistant.

The gate pivot sleeve shall be constructed to fit an 8” base [option: 10” base], standard steel luminaire pole. Gates may be adapted to fit other pole sizes, as coordinated with manufacturer. The sleeve shall mount on this pole at a height determined by the installer to meet job requirements.Six 1/2” bolts shall be used to securely attach the pivot sleeve to the luminaire pole. The gate pivot shall rotate 90° and shall be padlockable in the vertical position. The pivot sleeve shall include a mounting pad to allow an optional worm gear winch to be attached for handcrank operation.

The gate pivot shall be designed to mount on the pivot sleeve and freely rotate through 90° of travel. The gate pivot shall be padlockable in the fully open (raised) position; padlocks shall be supplied by the installer to match existing requirements for keys. Eight 3/4″ A325 galvanized bolts shall be used to assemble the gate pivot around the pivot sleeve. The gate pivot shall include a base to allow the attachment of the shear pin base arm.

ARM BASE: A shear pin base is standard for rectangular aluminum / fiberglass and aluminum arms. When excessive force is applied to the gate arm, the pin shall shear. Available shear pin bases include, but are not limited to, the following:

“Drop Free” Style – this will allow the arm to swing 45° horizontally, out of traffic, and drop free of the gate stand. This device is designed to minimize damage to the impacting vehicle, vehicle’s occupant, gate stand assembly, and the luminaire pole. If the arm is not damaged beyond use, one person may replace it with a minimum of effort in a few minutes. Typical, partially-threaded stainless steel bolts may be used as a replacement for the shear pin.

“Permanent Pivot” Style – this style uses a shear pin base that is permanently attached to the gate stand. If the arm is not damaged beyond use, one person may replace it with a minimum of effort in a few minutes. Typical, partially-threaded stainless steel bolts may be used as a replacement for the shear pin.

GATE ARM: The roadway arm shall be constructed according to the customer’s specifications. Available arm types shall include, but not limited to, the following:

Aluminum / Fiberglass combination – This lightweight, durable arm shall be fabricated from special high strength rectangular fiberglass and 6061-T6 or 6063-T5 aluminum tubing.

Rectangular Aluminum – This arm shall be fabricated from high strength 6061-T6 or 6063-T5 aluminum tubing.

Gate arms shall be covered on two sides with alternating red and white high intensity grade reflective sheeting. Stripes shall be 16” (152mm) wide, and vertical according to MUTCD. Other striping materials and colors shall be used when specified. Arms shall be constructed from rectangular tubing, maximizing the reflective surface facing the traffic.

A spring loaded, adjustable length, roadway bumper shall be used on longer arms, as recommended by the manufacturer. This bumper shall be constructed from corrosion resistant materials and shall pivot to remain vertical throughout the entire movement of the gate arm.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: The manufacturer of the traffic control gate shall have a minimum of 5 years experience in the manufacture of industrial gate operators and barriers. All gates shall be individually tested and inspected at time of final assembly.

FURNISHED ACCESSORIES: The items below are a list of optional accessories that may be added to the MU-605 warning gate. This list should not be considered complete or used to limit possible configurations:

  • Solar Power
  • Position Indication
  • Custom Arm Design
  • Custom Pivot Design
  • LED arm lights
  • Winch & Cable
  • Integration with signaling devices
  • Junction Box
  • Arm Light Transformer
  • Fixed Rigid Bumper
  • Road Closed Sign

B&B Roadway builds each gate to order; for additional configurations or special items contact the factory for help with individual requirements.

WARRANTY: A 1 year warranty shall cover the gate and related equipment against defective material and components. Lamps, fuses and other components designed for a life less than 1 year shall be covered for the rated life of the component or the warranty period of the component manufacturer.