Standard Lamps for Navigation and Warning Lights

Lamps provided by B&B Roadway, are selected to provide the best quality available. Our long-life lamps are custom manufactured for B&B Roadway to meet the demands of our industry. (Lamps are shown in receptacles for photographic purposes.)

MEDIUM BASE LAMPS: (back row, from left to right: “Scepter” LED, Incadescent, “4-Tier” LED) Typically used for navigation lights.

LED Lamps: The “Scepter” and “4-Tier” LED lamps have a rated life of 100,000 hours.  Savings on maintenance and power are the most common reasons for choosing an LED lamp.  These lamps have individual LEDs for maximum light output thus making it a suitable replacement for standard 120V incandescent lamps.  LEDs are color-matched to the lenses for maximum light transmission.  (Additional information for these lamps is available here.)

120V INCANDESCENT LAMP: This lamp features a rated life of 20,000 hours compared to typical incandescent lamps with rated lives of 1,000 to 2,000 hours. Many bridges have eliminated routine lamp maintenance by specifying the dual lamp/transfer relay option with these lamps on their navigation lights. Multiple filament support fingers make the lamp better suited to the rugged conditions seen on bridges and highways. The 100W rating provides the brightest light intensity available in the navigation light market.

DOUBLE-CONTACT BAYONET BASE LAMPs: (front row, from left to right: Incandescent, “Pancake” LED) Typically used for gate and barrier arm lights.

“pancake” led lamp: This lamp is available in 120V or 12V.  Both are rated for 100,000 hours and provides dramatic life improvement and reliability over incandescent lamps.  It can be used as a direct replacement or upgrade for most existing installations currently using bayonet lamps.  The “Pancake” LED also features a nickel-plated brass base for superior long-term resistance to corrosion and seizing.  LEDs are color matched to light lenses for maximum light transmission.

incandescent LAMP: This option is available for either a 120V or 12V lamp where an incandescent, double bayonet base lamp is required or preferred.